Space Jam 2 – New era: a disappointing sequel

LeBron James replaces Michael Jordan in a deluge of special effects and colors that poorly mask the poverty of the scenario.

” Don’t do it, it’s doomed to failure .” Thus spoke in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter the director of the first Space Jam , Joe Pytka, about the sequel, ensuring that LeBron James did not have the shoulders to succeed Michael Jordan. On the box office side, in view of the overseas launch of Space Jam-New Era , it seems to have planted in great width. But on the “artistic” side, difficult to prove him wrong after 14 years of a long, very long gestation. The idea of ​​a Space Jam 2in fact dates back to 1997, nipped in the bud by Michael Jordan’s refusal to participate. Then there will be a project with Jackie Chan, another with Tiger Woods before finally in 2014 LeBron James is chosen.

Then begins the waltz of the directors. Justin Lin (who left the project in 2018) then Terance Nance, landed himself in the middle of filming and replaced by Malcolm D. Lee, used to sequels ( Scary movie 5 , Barbershop 3) in a screenplay co-written by no less than eight authors (including Ryan Coogler!) where LeBron James and his son find themselves, during a visit to Warner studios, trapped in a parallel dimension where the entire studio universe is controlled by malicious artificial intelligence. To find his son and get out of this trap, the NBA star will have to win a basketball game against the team of this artificial intelligent (where we find his son in rebellion against a father for whom he always seems too dilettante and never live up to his expectations) with the help of the Bugs Bunnny gang and others. We remember that the original Space Jam was designed under the influence of Roger Rabbitand played deliciously with the universe of Looney Tunes. With its sequel, it is above all a question of show of force side special effects in a scenario reduced to the minimum portion, against the backdrop of soothing discourse on the family. Second degree and mischief are absent from Space Jam – New Era which forgets – in its endless two hours – the Looney Tunes apart from a few jokes here and there and leads Don Cheadle – as a super-villain on duty – in an XXL cabotinage number which The poses as a formidable candidate for the Razzie Awards 2022. Lots of noise, colors, hysteria for not much except to fear the worst and a sequel that could trigger a box in theaters that would be confirmed.

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