Blac Chyna denies Rob Kardashian’s claims that she is a bad mother for Dream.

And what Rob accuses him of goes quite far: she would do drugs in front of her children, she would not wash her daughter and even teach her sex positions by doing naked twerking! The former stripper totally refutes these allegations.

According to TMZ , sources close to the reality TV star claim that she is a “good mother who would never put her child in danger. “

Her ex had also reported that she spent $ 600 a day on alcohol , abused drugs, and chased people with knives.

“Chyna has never done drugs in front of her children and only drinks occasionally … when her children are not around. » Reacted friends of the star.

Chyna claims that she always keeps Dream clean, and that she has over 100 cute outfits for her at home.

The man of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings has asked the court to reduce Blac Chyna’s parenting time to weekends , with a nanny present. His sister Khloe and former Chyna employees supported him. He also asked her to undergo alcohol and drug tests at least 30 minutes before each visit with Dream.

Khloe would do “all she can” to help Rob secure primary custody of Dream.

“Khloe has always been very close to Dream. ” A source told People.

“When Rob babysat her when she was a baby, Khloe often helped him. She really loves Dream. “

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has always been close to her brother, who has lived with her for several years.

In his documents, Rob said he believed his ex was a danger and was not behaving properly with their baby girl.

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