For Matt Pokora, it is soon the resumption of his PYRAMID tour.

After spending time with Christina Milian and their son, Isaiah, born in January, the singer is now dedicated to a high-flying sports routine, as can be seen on an Instagram post.

In  this video , we can see the handsome kid doing sports exercises under the watchful eye of his coach, and under the Los Angeles sun of course.

Staying in shape and displaying a top body are the key words of the French pop star , who explains how important it is for him to devote time to exercise, in order to be on top on scene.

“No secret … It’s a fact, a performer has a much greater workload and preparation for his shows than the others … Take 2 hours to sing, dance, memorize all the steps and movements while staying connected to the public and to what is happening in the hall 4-5 evenings a week, it is a high level sport … So to keep up this rhythm for more than 17 years, deserve my place and deserve the thousands of people present every evening in each room there is no secret … I work … ” he wrote in the caption.

Fans will delight in these images showing him shirtless, in Lakers shorts!

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